OREANDA-NEWS The specialist explained that the risk factor is tooth cavity, which can form due to improper brushing of the teeth. He recalled that in the normal state, the immune system catches tumor cells, but there is a possibility of its overload.

"A healthy immune system usually copes with this task quickly but if its forces are spent on fighting infection from rotten teeth, then the mutant cells will be left unattended, which can trigger the development of cancer", - said Eremenko.

A potentially dangerous consequence of tooth cavity is also called bacterial endocarditis. This disease is connected with heart disease, maxillary sinus disease and purulent inflammation of soft tissues.

Andrey Yaremenko urged to brush your teeth at least twice a day, to choose the right toothbrushes according to their hardness and not to forget to change them. In addition, the expert cautioned against replacing brushing with a mouthwash.

According to the dentist Hannah Kinsella, one of the most common mistakes when brushing your teeth is performing the procedure right after a meal. In such a case, there is possible an appearance of enamel’s damage.