OREANDA-NEWS. Salads, chicken and brown rice, even in fast food, will be useful, Timur Asanov, a general practitioner of the Vidnovskaya Regional Clinical Hospital, told Radio 1. Potatoes are better to choose baked than deep-fried. And instead of sauces based on mayonnaise, the doctor recommends ketchup or mustard.

Almost every fast food cafe menu has salads, which are always welcomed by nutritionists. If you want to satisfy your hunger with more nutritious dishes, then it is better to prefer the roll in unleavened bread to the notorious burger. It’s better to choose chicken rather than pork or beef,” Asanov said.

He warned that white rice - unlike brown - only increases the calorie content, so sushi lovers need to know when to stop. In the choice of drinks, according to Asanov, it is better to stop at mineral water, tea, coffee without milk and sugar.

Earlier, the head of the Union of Shopping Centers, Bulat Shakirov, said that the owners of the shopping center in Russia had begun negotiations with the Turkish fast food chain Chitir Chicken to launch a chain of restaurants. The company is currently represented in 17 countries around the world. The main specialization of the Turkish chain is chicken dishes. The network can replace cafes that have left Russia. According to Shakirov, the advantage of the network is that it uses its own equipment, which is not dependent on Western sanctions.