OREANDA-NEWS. Roshydromet scientific director Roman Vilfand urged Russians to wear a sombrero to protect themselves from ultraviolet radiation during the swimming season.

He said on Wednesday during a press conference at the Rossiya Segodny media center: “There are recommendations from the World Health Organization, in which you read with great pleasure:“ If you see a forecast for an index greater than 6, you need to wear a wide-brimmed sombrero hat. We in Russia do not wear a sombrero, but it may make sense for your health to purchase such a hat, especially to protect children from burns. "

Vilfand advised Russians not to show themselves in the sun from 9 to 14 hours if the ultraviolet index exceeds 6 points. According to him, this indicator can be quickly tracked on the official website of Roshydromet.

"At the resorts, the problem of ultraviolet radiation is very acute. Even 10 years ago, in principle, vacationers in the south did not pay attention to this concept, well, they heard that there is such harmful ultraviolet light, but the beaches were always filled at noon ... In all developed countries, together with the weather forecast predicts this ultraviolet index, "explained the meteorologist.

Wilfand noted that ultraviolet radiation is extremely dangerous, primarily for the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes.