OREANDA-NEWS. In Russia, there are no risks of a third wave of coronavirus in the summer or fall of this year, the epidemic is already at the completion stage. This is the opinion of Vladislav Zhemchugov, doctor of medical sciences, immunologist, specialist in especially dangerous infections.

The expert told RIA Novosti: “I think there is no risk of any wave or surge in the summer and autumn for the current coronavirus. There may be slight fluctuations due to the movement of people on vacations. But the process will fade with a decrease in the number of detected infected with the same number of tests."

The negative trend, according to the expert, threatens only those regions in which there are a large number of people without antibodies - who have not been ill and have not been vaccinated.

"It is worth now doing such screening for antibodies in the regions, and where there are few people with antibodies, to direct efforts for early vaccination in order to prevent an increase in morbidity and mortality there," Zhemchugov noted.

Throughout the country, as the specialist said, the epidemic "is not even at the stationary phase, but at the end."

Russian President Vladimir Putin also once again called on Russians to be vaccinated against a new coronavirus infection, pointing out the importance of vaccination. "As you know, I myself have been vaccinated and I urge all citizens to do this," Putin added.