OREANDA-NEWS  Scientific expedition "Transarctica-2019" will be the first such large-scale study of the Arctic over the past 30 years.  This is reported by Russian media with reference to the acting Director of the far Eastern research hydrometeorological Institute (DVNIGMI) Alexander Dunaev.

According to the source, the expedition will be held in four stages and will end this autumn. The researchers plan to conduct  monitor the natural environment of the marginal Arctic seas and freeze into the Arctic ice vessel "Academician Treshnikov". Also on Board the research vessel "Professor Molchanov" will be organized "Floating University".

The teams of scientific expedition vessels Mikhail Somov and Professor Multanovsky will pass through the Bering Strait to the coast of the Kola Peninsula and explore how the ice drifts in the Arctic ocean and how to make more accurate forecasts for their melting.

According to Dunaev, such studies of the far Eastern seas have not been conducted since the 80-ies. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev allocated almost 870 million rubles for it.

In 2018, during the Arctic campaigns, the Northern fleet vessels made 34 geographical discoveries. According to the commander of the fleet Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, 1 Strait, 12 Islands, 14 capes, 6 bays were opened and described.

In 2019 Russian scientific expedition vessel "Academician Treshnikov" in late summer - early autumn 2019 will go on an expedition GLACE (GreenLAnd Circumnavigation Expedition), during which will sail around Greenland. This was announced on Thursday, the TASS Director of the Arctic and Antarctic research Institute (AARI) Alexander Makarov.

"The scientific expedition ship" Academician Treshnikov " will sail around Greenland. For the staff of our Institute Greenland is a non-traditional area, so we are very pleased that there is an opportunity to work in this area. The expedition starts from Reykjavik in August," Makarov said.