OREANDA-NEWS. Doctors in Japan for the first time in the world successfully transplanted lung tissue from living donors to a patient with severe respiratory damage who had suffered from COVID-19. The operation lasted almost 11 hours, involving 30 people.

The woman is on the mend, and her husband and son, who were donors, are in stable condition, the Kyoto University Hospital said. According to it's data, in Europe, China and the United States, dozens of lung tissue transplants were performed for COVID-19 patients, but the donors were people who were in a brain coma.

According to the «Worldometer» website, since the beginning of the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the infection has been detected in more than 134 million people on the planet. More than 2.9 million people have died with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. 108 million patients recovered.

In Japan there were recorded 492.875 cases of Covid-19 coronavirus infection. Over the past day, the number of infected people has not changed. The total number of deaths from coronavirus infection in Japan is 9.301 people. 26.524 people are in the active phase of the disease, 464 of them are in critical condition. Confirmed cases of complete cure of the virus as of today, April 09, 2021 in Japan: 457.050.