OREANDA-NEWS. According to the chief infectious disease specialist of the Russian Ministry of Health, Professor Vladimir Chulanov, the second rise in the incidence of coronavirus, which is also called the "second wave" of COVID-19, may end in three weeks.

The professor explained that they expect that this second rise, which is now observed in Russia, will not be very long. The expert suggests that the second rise in the incidence of coronavirus will still be longer than the first, because, in principle, it is more extensive. But, most likely, it will not last longer than two to four weeks. The professor clarifies that it is possible that the "second wave of incidence" of the coronavirus will last three weeks, and after that, perhaps, stabilization will come.

Also, Vladimir Chulanov expressed his opinion on the "third wave of coronavirus", which many fear. Commenting on the possibility of a third jump in the incidence of coronavirus infection, the expert noted that for the first time humanity entered the epidemic season of SARS with COVID-19. And what will happen as a result of such a combination of two overlapping diseases is still difficult to predict.

In total, more than one and a half million cases of COVID-19 have been identified in Russia at the moment.