OREANDA-NEWS. The staff of the Higher School of Applied Sciences of the Swiss Grisons named the most accurate value of the number pi for today. It contains 62.8 billion decimal places. The university announced the end of the calculations on August 16, but the German media paid attention to this news only on the morning of Monday, August 23. It took less than 140 days for the study participants to determine this number.

For comparison, the most accurate value of the number π up to this point had «only» 50 billion characters after the decimal point. It took more than 303 days for it's operator, American Timothy Mullican, to find it with the help of a special computer program y-cruncher. The result of the calculations was announced by him on January 29, 2020.

According to scientists from the Graubünden Higher School of Applied Sciences, the meaning of their research was not to name the most accurate value of the number pi, but to find a way to calculate it.

The number pi, was known to the ancient Greeks. It is approximately 3.14 and shows how many times the length of the circle is greater than it's diameter. This is an irrational number, that is, there is no limit to the digits after the decimal point. At the same time, they do not add up to repeating blocks. According to Swiss scientists, the last known digits of the number pi look like this: 7817924264.

The World Day of the number pi is celebrated on March 14. If you write down this date in the American manner, you will get: 3.14.