OREANDA-NEWS  This was told by the director of the therapeutic clinic and head of the department of therapy, clinical pharmacology and emergency medical care of the Moscow State Medical University named after Evdokimov, Professor Arkady Vertkin. 

He noted that there are several theories that explain the so-called covid tail. For example, it can be caused by an infectious process that leads to tissue damage, autoimmune reactions, vascular damage, or a tendency to form blood clots. In addition, there are possible the exacerbation of diseases such as diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma, venous insufficiency, and arterial hypertension.

According to Vertkin, the spectrum of the manifestation of postcoid syndrome is wide: problems with the skin, gastrointestinal tract, pain in muscles and joints, increased fatigue. “On the part of the respiratory system, there are mainly shortness of breath, hacking dry cough, a feeling of heaviness behind the breastbone, inability to breathe deeply, apnea. From the gastrointestinal tract, there may be pain, nausea, upset stools, loss of appetite”, the doctor specified.

Vertkin stressed that the most serious complications after coronavirus include heart problems - myocarditis, arrhythmia, heart failure and myocardial infarction.

Also, the virus can damage the structures of the brain. For example, when it affects the vagus nerve, the work of the parasympathetic and sympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system deteriorates. As a result, the person experiences anxiety disorders, headaches, sleep problems, loss of taste and smell, the doctor added.