OREANDA-NEWS. In the near future, the first lunar base will appear on the moon. Its appearance will be the next step in the study of the universe. But how comfortable it will be for astronauts and colonists in new conditions depends on many factors, including a reliable source of energy. Scientists have said that the lunar soil is quite suitable for creating some kind of heat log from it. 

Lunar regolith is dust, soil and lunar rock accumulated on the surface of the Earth’s satellite. In combination, they accumulate heat. This discovery has been made long time ago. Now, scientists believe that regolith is the future source of heat for colonists. 

But the same material can provide heat to the Earth. Lunar regolith bricks are able to retain heat for a long time. It is expensive and difficult to mine it on the moon, because scientists believe that alternative materials can be found on Earth, from which it is worthwhile to get heat-brick. In outer space, energy is generated using batteries that accumulate sunlight. 

This energy is enough to provide electricity to the colonists for 16 days. This decision turned out to be extremely important for the implementation of long-term projects.