OREANDA-NEWS. The Russian company NtechLab has developed a new technology of recognition of a person in silhouette, through which you can track his movements through the city. This was announced by CEO Alexander Minin.

"The silhouette of a man as unique as a person. Is technology that not only can we identify the silhouette, but also to track its progress in almost all cameras of the city," said Minin.

He noted that within a few months will be working on a product. After that testing will begin in several Russian cities and also abroad, he added.

He also explained the essence of the technology. For example, if someone stole the bike and the camera are unable to capture the kidnapper's face, this technology will allow to track its movement in all chambers of the city through the identification of silhouette.

The CEO stressed that such development can be especially popular in Europe where pretty strict laws regarding personal data.