OREANDA-NEWS In Russia, a unique multi-profile medical center will appear with two cyclotrons - high-precision instruments that can accelerate charged particles and direct them to the target. Scientists are confident that the newest medical center will open up new opportunities for the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

As noted, the new complex in the Leningrad region should be among the three largest medical organizations in the world. Its area will be 200 thousand. They promise to commission the facility by the end of 2021.

The construction of a unique complex in Europe was announced at the symposium "Nuclear Medicine" in St. Petersburg, where scientists from different countries presented reports on the prospects for nuclear medicine.

Nuclear medicine received official status in 1970-1980. It is used mainly for cardiac and oncological diseases. The development of the industry lead the United States, Japan and some European countries. Russia is among the leading countries in the production of raw medical isotopes.