OREANDA-NEWS The United States has announced an interceptor capable of shooting down Russian missiles. The Pentagon has selected Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman to develop a new Next-Generation Interceptor (NGI).

The interceptors are expected to enter combat duty in the mid-2020s and eventually become the core of the American missile defense system.

The appearance of the "promising anti-missile" and its characteristics were not disclosed. It is assumed that NGI is being developed primarily against the latest Russian Avangard missile systems. The difference between a missile defense system and an anti-aircraft missile is that it is aimed at a pre-emptive point, at which, after a certain time, the enemy target will be. However, the publication notes that the trajectory of the Vanguard combat unit is extremely unpredictable.

The NGI program started in April last year. For the development and creation of a new anti-missile missile allocated 4.9 billion dollars and five years.