OREANDA-NEWS. There are no methods of treating coronavirus, doctors can only deal with it's symptoms. At the same time, specialists should prescribe drugs, the infected person cannot choose medications independently, virologist, Doctor of Biological Sciences Alexander Shestopalov told Radio 1.

«There is no specific treatment against coronavirus, so all therapy is symptomatic and supportive, and it is individual for each person. It is prescribed by a doctor. If a person has a heart problem, he is prescribed heart medications, if with liver — liver, and so on», Shestopalov said. He additionally warned against self-use of antibiotics. But you can certainly drink aspirin with analgin for a headache.

Earlier, Alexander Melnikov, a general practitioner, head of the department of the National Medical Research Center of Otorhinolaryngology of the FMBA of Russia, told what medications can not be treated for COVID at home. So, you should not be treated with antibiotics, because they do not act on the coronavirus.