OREANDA-NEWS. The new strain of COVID-19 has been detected in 25 European countries, including Russia, the head of the European office of the World Health Organization (WHO) Hans Kluge said. This gives a reason to believe, that a second pandemic may begin in the world.

At the same time, the new strain of COVID-19 is not an unexpected situation. According to the Hans Kluge, this evolution is normal for all the viruses. It just tries to adapt to it's host. We have no evidence, that it can be a reason to a more severe course of the disease, nor that it causes a lighter course. Nor is it currently certain that it will cause a second pandemic.

However, Kluge said that the WHO is concerned that the new strain has a greater ability to transmit. He also found it difficult to answer whether the created vaccines will protect against the mutated COVID-19. However, the head of the WHO Regional Office for Europe believes that in 2021 the situation with the pandemic will be more predictable.

A new coronavirus mutation was discovered in the UK in mid-December. According to experts, the new strain is spreading at a faster rate and can be 70% more contagious than usual. However, there is no evidence that it is more dangerous in terms of hospitalization and mortality. It is believed that the COVID-19 strain found in the UK is dangerous for children under one year and over 15 years, as well as those with health problems. Children with chronic diseases are also at risk.