OREANDA-NEWS  Tests of the world's first all-aluminum internal combustion engine successfully completed in Novosibirsk, reported the local State Technical University.

The University explained that aluminum had previously been used in aircraft and automotive engines, but the parts working under high load are still made of steel. Technical University engineers managed to replace them with aluminum ones using a special technology of plasma-electrolytic oxidation, created at the Institute of inorganic chemistry.

"The experimental unit has passed many hours of resource tests, which confirmed the high performance of heavy-duty coating of aluminum engine parts. Wear of parts is not determined by the micrometric measuring tool, in fact it is not. This inspires us", - are the words of the head of the development team, Professor of the Department of aircraft and helicopter of Technical University Ilya Zverkov.

The University reported that they are already designing a serial sample of the engine. The developers stopped at the V-shaped scheme. This made it possible to significantly reduce the size of the engine, which will make it possible to install it on different models of aircraft, not only on the Yak-52, under which the experimental sample was made.

It is assumed that the new engine can be installed on the Yak-18T, Il-103, Be-103. Serial engine will work on aviation gasoline B-91. The projected engine will consist of two power units with a capacity of 200 horsepower, they can be used both together and separately.

"Now there is a production of parts of the new engine, which will be ready by the beginning of summer 2019. All its main parts will be cast from aluminum in Novosibirsk. This is another advantage of the new scheme: it will allow to abandon the imported components that were used in the experimental unit. In the future, this will make it possible to use the engine on the aircraft of the Russian air force," the report said.