OREANDA-NEWS  The general director of the department of scientific and medical research of the department told reporters at a press conference at the Ministry of Health that Thai doctors have identified cases of infection of the same patients in Bangkok with two strains of coronavirus - "delta" and "alpha" simultaneously, Suphakit Sirilak.

"Today there is interesting information: in one of the large construction camps in Bangkok, during mass testing, cases of mixed infection were detected, two strains -" alpha "and" delta "- simultaneously in one patient. There are seven such patients", - he said.

"It seems that in such communities, living in conditions of overcrowding, and as a result - mass infection, such 'hybrid' cases, mixed infection may occur", - said Sirilak, adding that there are similar cases in other countries.

Such patients in Thailand have no symptoms yet, he said", so it seems that mixed infection does not mean that the disease has to be more severe".

The head of the scientific department of the Ministry of Health also noted that there is currently a tendency for the "delta" strain of coronavirus to gradually replace the more common "alpha" strain in Thailand in previous months.

"This is the situation in 60 of the 77 provinces of the country, where the" delta "strain has already appeared, and new provinces are included in this list every day. Thailand", - he said.