OREANDA-NEWS. Scientists from the University of Klaipeda (Lithuania), scanning the bottom of the Baltic Sea on the schooner “Brabander”, discovered a site with the remains of ancient flooded trees off the coast of the village of Juodkrante, located on the Curonian Spit.  They were dated at the age of 9-10 thousand years.

  Researchers have teamed up with specialists from the Polish National Maritime Museum to develop photogrammetric documentation of the finds and create a three-dimensional model of the sunken forest.  After studying the model, the researchers were able to find out that the sunken territory about 12 thousand years ago was land with a dense forest inhabited by people.

  In addition, specialists will create three-dimensional models of sunken trees.

  According to experts, they will continue to study this area, since there is hope to find signs of the presence of people who lived many centuries ago in this unspoiled area.