OREANDA-NEWS Scientists from California analyzed particles of a meteorite that was discovered in southeast Australia back in 1951.

Space rock samples are stored in a local museum, they are periodically transferred for various studies, reports American Mineralogist. In the course of the latest scientific work, experts discovered a completely new mineral unknown to science in the meteorite.

It was named edscottite (edscottite) - in honor of meteorite researcher Edward Scott of the University of Hawaii. Scientists have suggested that the mineral arose from iron and carbon atoms during slow cooling of the rock.

They also came to the conclusion that the meteorite is a “germ of the planet”, which arose at the very beginning of the existence of the solar system, but could not grow into a full-fledged planet.

Perhaps it was destroyed in a collision with another object. The debris, scattered over a long distance, fell into the asteroid belt, were attracted by other planets and satellites or burned to the Sun, and one of them reached the Earth.