OREANDA-NEWS Scientists have created unique VR-gloves that will provide users with the opportunity to “touch” the virtual world. Typically, in such devices, tactile sensations can be achieved through vibration.

However, actual VR-gloves do not provide a realistic touch and do not convey the shape of the object, therefore, in a new project, scientists tried to make a lightweight version of the headset, characterized by more “lively” sensations. In the course of the work, the experts used silicone and sensors, and the feedback effect is transmitted through the electrodes. Testing experiments were conducted on a virtual chessboard.

When a hand touched an object during transition to VR, the glove began to generate electricity, against which the fingertips of the headset filled the air, deceiving the receptors of a person and providing the illusion that he touched an object having a certain shape. So far, gloves exist only in the form of a laboratory prototype, but they have impressive potential.