OREANDA-NEWS. Virtual reality (VR) technologies are actively developing and gradually begin to affect not only human vision and hearing, but also the smell and taste receptors. For example, a virtual cocktail was created that is able to simulate the smell, taste and even color of various drinks while drinking ordinary water, writes Live 24.

The innovative development is a glass connected to a special application. Thanks to this, the user can choose the backlight, the smell transmitted by special micro pumps, and the taste of the drink that he will feel while ordinary water is poured into the glass.

The development of Stereo Smell works in a similar way: without implanting any electrodes, the device connects to the nasal septum of a person and begins to stimulate the trigeminal nerve, amplifying or replacing odors.

A portable taste stimulator was also created. The device is filled with five different gels, which, depending on the intensity of the electric current supply, affect the human taste buds located on the tongue.