OREANDA-NEWS Ufologist Scott Waring examined the pictures of the rover, which were taken back in 2014. In the photographs, the conspiracy therapist discovered water, which may indicate the existence of life on Mars.

According to Scott Waring, NASA specifically withheld this fact. The American Space Organization is hiding important information from citizens. The published image shows that a stream of liquid flowed between the rocks. At the same time, it is simply impossible to miss this fact. The rover drove just a few meters from this point. The apparatus was able to take a sample and examine it for chemical composition. However, he did not, or he did, but NASA did not deign to publish the results of soil analysis.

Thus, the American space organization is trying to conceal the existence of extraterrestrial life from citizens. And this is not the first such case. Relatively recently, Russian astronauts who participated in the NASA mission reported that large plankton was discovered on the solar panels of the space station. This is not the only egregious example of hiding information from the public. It is not known what else NASA might be silent about.