OREANDA-NEWS. The representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Russian Federation, Melita Vujnovich, said that she would advise those who refuse to be vaccinated against coronavirus not to leave the house, since this decision has negative consequences both for the person himself and for the people around him.

Vujnovic advised people who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus to stay at home and not go out. According to her, this disease is new, serious, insidious, leaves great consequences for health, and the decision not to be vaccinated has double consequences: one is that the person himself is at risk, and the second is that he is at risk of transmitting the infection to other people. Vujnovic, when asked what she would recommend to maintain immunity for those who refuse to be vaccinated, replied that she could not recommend anything else."

WHO representative during online roundtable "Immunity during a pandemic. How to protect yourself from viruses?" noted that "a healthy person, a person whose cells are intact, it will be easier to tolerate any infection, but there are infections where any level of immunity cannot help - like, for example, with smallpox or measles."