OREANDA-NEWS By the end of 2019, Yandex intends to bring 100 autonomous vehicles to tests, and in two years the number of unmanned vehicles will increase to 1000 units. The representative of the company told the agency "Moscow" about this. 

Yandex explained that expanding the fleet is required to accelerate the development of unmanned technologies. “We are constantly improving in this area, changing and improving various components,” the company explained. “For example, to verify and evaluate the results, you need to drive many kilometers offline: we can drive a million kilometers on five cars, but it will take much more time.” 

In July, Yandex introduced the prototype of unmanned vehicle based on the eighth-generation Sonata. Currently, the car is undergoing final tests at a closed training ground, after which such a “Sonata” can be found on the streets of Moscow.