OREANDA-NEWS Plasma protein fraction stops the process of cognitive decline in patients with Alzheimer's disease. This was reported by the New Atlas portal, citing a press release from Alkahest, whose staff conducted the study. 

California startup Alkahest is developing ways to treat neurodegenerative diseases. Among their designs are proteins, which they called "chronokines." Chronokines are plasma proteins, some of which positively affect the body, for example, restoring the functions of the nervous system and contribute to the regeneration of stem cells. At the same time, the content of chronokines changes with age, decreasing with aging. 

The company announced the results of the second phase of the study, in which 40 patients with Alzheimer's disease were injected into the blood plasma fraction with chronokines called GRF6019. The participants of the experiment were injected intravenously with treatment plasma for five days, after a break of 12 weeks, the treatment was repeated. At the end of the course, patients were tested on ADAS-Cog11, MMSE, ADCS-ADL23, Daily Living and CDR-SB, which are used to assess the depth of cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's disease and dementia. According to the press release, patients according to the results of the study did not reduce their cognitive abilities, although they should have been with the normal course of the disease.