OREANDA-NEWS. December 13, 2011. In order to renovate Chaohu after administrative adjustment this year ,10 projects are about to begin within next two years, according to a mobilization meeting held at Chaohu yesterday.

Transportation construction is a major focus on the blueprint, as 24 roads will be built in a bid to form a transportation network consisting of 3 horizontal, 2 vertical and 3 circling arteries in the coming two years. Among them, 11 roads will start construction in early 2012, with total length of 24.26 kilometers.

Renovation on old downtown area is mentioned upon the standard of that in Hefei, Anhui's capital city. According to planning, unauthorized constructions along downtown streets will be demolished and managements on urban infrastructures including lighting facilities and garbage collecting will be carried out next year.

Chaohu is famous for its fifth largest fresh water lake, as well as surrounding mountains. The planning also targets to initiate a series of landscape projects to restore Chaohu Lake into an ecological aquatic city with 9 mountain parks.