OREANDA-NEWS. December 22, 2011. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved the draft State Budget for 2012 at its special meeting on December 21, 2011.

MOF’s draft budget for 2012 maintains the policy of raising social standards and increasing social spending.

In the course of elaboration of draft State Budget for 2012, the Ministry of Finance retained basic social standards, in spite of the global recession deployment and macroeconomic outlook deterioration.

In this way, extra 1340.5 million UAH accounts for the increase in pensions and pension bonuses for certain categories of citizens, including:
• disabled veterans (average of 20 percent, this will concern about 163 thousand persons) - 465.4 million UAH;
• children of war (20 percent in average, this will concern 4.4 million people) - 419.1 million UAH;
• dead, deceased persons’ family members entitled to benefits under the Law of Ukraine "On Status of Veterans, Guarantees of their Social Security" an average of 30 percent: for members of the victims' families (missing) (it covers about 58 thousand people) - 63.7 million UAH;
• family members of deceased disabled veterans of war (covers about 170 thousand people) - 43.7 million UAH;
• family members of deceased combatants and warfare participants (this will cover about 130 thousand people) - 22.5 million UAH.