OREANDA-NEWS. February 04, 2013. IKEA and H&M, Pizza Hut and Starbucks are heading the list of international chains of retailers, restaurants and cafйs most awaited by the Ukrainians. This is shown by the results of the survey of Internet-users aged from 18 to 45 who reside in cities with a population exceeding 500 thousand people; GfK Ukraine conducted this survey on the basis of its on-line panel in January 2013.

IKEA and H&M take the lead among the international retail chain brands wanted by Ukrainian consumers. 46.8% of respondents* wish IKEA, home product stores, would appear in Ukraine, 39.4% dream of H&M clothes stores to appear. The third and fourth places are held by Apple Store, computer and consumer electronics stores, and Hugo Boss, expensive clothes shops, which are needed by 30% of respondents. Walmart hypermarket chain rounds up the TOP-5 list of international retail chains (25.8%), whose opening is expected in Ukraine.

H&M retail chain was mentioned by women twice more often than by men (among whom this brand did not make the TOP-5 list). H&M is also more favoured among the representatives of 18-25 age group and residents of million cities.

Tesco supermarket chain made it to the male TOP-5 list failing to do so with the female list. At the same time, this international brand is more wanted by the representatives of the senior age group of 36-45 years old and residents of the Western region.

Apple Stores are most often mentioned by young people (18-25 age group), who are also short of Body Shop chain in Ukraine.

As to the international chains of cafйs and restaurants, the following three brands are the leaders wanted by Ukrainian consumers: Pizza Hut (49.5%), Starbucks Coffee (39.6%), and Burger King (38.5%).

Pizza Hut is an unchallenged leader both among women and men. Women most frequently want Starbucks Coffee and Costa Coffee shops, whereas men want Burger King fast food restaurants more.

* The survey was carried out on the basis of GfK Ukraine online-panel on 22-24 January 2013 among Internet-users aged from 18 to 45 who reside in cities with a population exceeding 500 thousand people.