OREANDA-NEWS. ALROSA, the world leader in diamond mining, is launching satellite radar monitoring of the earth surface displacement in the areas of its diamond deposits.

Regular independent remote assessment of displacements in the entire area of the earth surface of industrial areas of the Company’s mining and processing divisions, which is about 5,000 hectares, will be carried out during three years. Radar surveying from space satellites will cover open-pit mines, as well as dumps, hydraulic structures and other industrial facilities. Satellite dataset obtained from space modules up to 8 times per month is used to calculate displacements accurate to several millimeters.

The research is necessary for early recognition of possible displacements of the earth surface above the areas of underground mining, deformations of open pit slopes and benches, as well as natural and technogenic displacements of facilities located near developed deposits.

Monitoring method using satellite radar interferometry has an advantage over earth-based geodetic observations, satellite geodesy. It enables covering large areas, which is important for the Company taking into account a large area of activity of the mining and processing divisions. The specified package of measures serves to improve industrial safety during mining at existing subsurface use facilities.