OREANDA-NEWS. The delegation of the Altai Territory visited the enterprises of TATNEFT Company: TANECO, the Oil Refining Complex of TATNEFT, the Bugulma Mechanical Plant and the Trade and Technical House of the Company.

The delegation included representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Altai Territory and those of the innovatively active enterprises of the region: OOO "Altai Chain Factory", OOO "PMP Metallurgmontazh", OOO "Stanko-Chain", HC "Barnaul Machine-Building Plant".

During the working visit, the Altai delegation visited the TANECO’s central control building, where the guests were acquainted with the history and the prospects of the project development and the samples of the products yielded. The refinery operates with high-hitting indicators in terms of the processing depth, the output of light oil products and the primary oil refining capacity utilization. The process flow chart of the oil refinery complex is getting more and more complicated year after year. TATNEFT is simultaneously working on several major investment projects within the framework of the program to improve the efficiency of the oil-refining complex. There were the naphtha hydrotreatment and isomerization units put into operation in the beginning of 2018, which was the first stage of implementing the full-scale Euro-5 gasoline grades production scheme. Within the framework of the TANECO Development Strategy, this year will witness commissioning of kerosene and diesel fuel hydrotreating units, as well as commissioning of a catalytic reformer, which will allow starting the production of premium gasoline grades. Putting into operation of ELOU-AVT-6 is also planned, which will increase the throughput of the Complex to 14 million tonnes.

The activities of OOO TATNEFT-Nizhnekamskneftekhim-Oil were presented to the guests, which use the TANECO’s base oils to produce lubricants for various purposes. OOO TNO is the first and only enterprise in Russia that has started the production of synthetic polyalphaolefine based oil grades.

During the meeting held at TANECO, the parties discussed the issues of mutually beneficial cooperation and prospects for the implementation of joint projects.

At BMZ, they demonstrated to the delegations from the Altai Territory the equipment manufactured by the Bugulma Mechanical Plant and the specifics of introducing lean manufacturing principles at the enterprise. There were issues of cooperation between BMZ and the Altai Chain Factory referred to the production of chain drives discussed within the framework of the visit. The chain drives introduction in the oil fields significantly reduces the operational costs of crude oil production in case of the artificial oil lifting method of the wells operation. BMZ is continuously working on the development of new models of the chain drives and their improvement.

The delegation of the Altai Territory also held meetings with professionals of the TATNEFT’s Trade and Technical House.