OREANDA-NEWS. August 15, 2016. Carnegie Robotics (CRL) and Mine Visions Systems (MVS) are set to join forces to provide new solutions to improve safety and increase the productivity of the mining sector. As part of the agreement, which will also advance the long-term sustainability of the sector, MVS’s modeling software and CRL’s line of MultiSense cameras would be combined to deliver computer vision-based mapping tool for mining operations, mining-technology.com reported.

Further, the solution supports the need for fleet tracking throughout the mining operation and allows for increased equipment performance and efficiency.

The MultiSense solution will provide productive equipment through CRL’s high-data-rate 3D range sensors and support the industry vision. It produces 3D models with high-resolution 2D images of the mine within hours and provides near-real-time information to operators for mine management.

The MVS-MultiSense tool also gives accurate mapping and modeling of the mining environment and delivers better geotechnical insight.