OREANDA-NEWS. Two Dialogues with the concerned parties were carried out within the framework of the public integrated annual report of Atomredmetzoloto (ARMZ), JSC. 

This Report will become the tenth public document telling about activities of the Company for the last year. The representatives of Atomredmetzoloto, JSC, Rosatom State Corporation, public authorities, scientific and R&D organizations, trade union bodies and news media took participation in those Dialogues. All regions where the Company is present were connected to the Dialogues using the videoconference system.

Chairperson of the Council of Veterans of ARMZ Nikolay Petrukhin addressed to the participants with the introductory speech. He told about the history of the Ore Mining Division of Rosatom State Corporation.

The main report on the performance indicators of Atomredmetzoloto, JSC, within the first part of the Dialogues was given by First Deputy Director General – Chief Operating Officer Victor Svyatetskiy. The speaker presented the main achievements of the manufacturing sites of the Holding in 2017 and specified the strategic targets for 2018 – retention of the primary cost and preservation of the breakeven point of the Division.

Director for Strategic Planning Evgeniy Palchikov gave a more detailed report on participation of the Division in implementation of the strategic targets of Rosatom State Corporation. Ruslan Dimukhamedov, Director for Business Development, presented prospective directions with the involvement of the neighbouring Divisions of Rosatom (TVEL, Nuclear Weapons Complex). Oleg Isyanov and Roman Rudin, officials of the core operating units of ARMZ, told about digital simulation and “smart mine” project – joint projects of the Production Department and IT Department.

In the course of the second part of the Dialogues the representatives of the main production assets of the Holding spoke using videoconference system. Ivan Kisilev, acting in lieu of the Director General of Priargunsky Industrial Mining and Chemical Union (PIMCU), PJSC, stated that the main achievement of PIMCU was the second year of breakeven operation. In addition to the basic financial and production indicators, the results of commercial activities of the Union associated with the sale of coal, property lease out, rendering of services, etc., were presented.

2017 was the year of jubilee for one more enterprise of the Holding – Hiagda, JSC, celebrated 20 years of its activities. Andrey Gladyshev, Director General of Hiagda, JSC, listed the main achievements of the last 10 years and especially those falling within 2017.

Nikolay Poponin, Director General of Dalur, JSC, told about the main successes of the enterprise. He commented in brief on the main direction of works in 2018 and characterized the prospects of uranium production for 2018-2045.

In conclusion, Chief of Public Relations Ivan Krupyanko summarized the results following the 2016-2017 reporting campaign and presented the concept of the 2017 Report.

The representatives of the concerned parties gave their proposals and recommendations for covering the priority topic in the Report. It is proposed to hold the next, and the final, Dialogue in the second half of April. It is planned to carry it out in a form of public consultations in the course of which the Draft Annual Report will be discussed.