OREANDA-NEWS Doosan Group Chairman Jeongwon Park visited soldiers of the Korean Army’s Mount Baekdu unit (ROK Army 21st Division) in Yang-gu, Gangwon Province, on Dec. 8, presenting 8,000 boxes of instant coffee sticks (20 servings per box) and monetary gifts as part of the “Tea of Love” campaign.

Doosan has carried out the “Tea of Love” community involvement campaign every year since 1991. The company has delivered 37.63 million servings of tea and coffee to soldiers at 360 military units over 26 years.

Doosan Group Chairman Jeongwon Park (front row, third from left) and Maj. Gen. Hyeoksu Kim(front row, fourth from left) , the commanding officer of the Army’s 21st Division, are shown together with other officials after the “Tea of Love” event held on Dec. 8 at the Mount Baekdu unit base in Yang-gu, Gangwon Province.