OREANDA-NEWS. "GAZ Group" has started the serial production of medium truck "GAZon Next CNG», which is running on CNG (compressed natural gas). The vehicle is equipped with a gas engine YaMZ-534, informed the press service of "GAZ Group". As it was noted, the use of the gas engine reduces fuel costs by 40-50% compared with the diesel version and it can increase significantly the economic efficiency of the car. The terms of warranties for gas modification of vehicle do not differ from the diesel version: three years or 150 thousand kilometers.

"GAZon Next” – is universal truck, designed for urban and interurban transportation, construction companies, and utilities. A distinctive feature of the gas versions "GAZon Next» - is not only the new engine, but also new fuel equipment, which includes the distribution of the gas supply system with electronic control. From the filling apparatus the gas through valves enters the cylinders, from them - to a pressure filter and to a pressure reducer.