OREANDA-NEWS. In Uzbekistan, the production of KAMAZ vehicles began in UzAutoTrailer, located in the Samarkand region, in the city of Jambay. As the press service of KAMAZ informs, the start of a new production of cargo vehicles in the Republic of Uzbekistan was the result of a cooperation agreement signed by the parties in November of 2017. As part of the organization of car production in Uzbekistan, as stipulated in the agreement, the leader of the Russian cargo engineering industry has already delivered 100 assembly kits for the assembly of KAMAZ vehicles in the republic.

At present, the model range of assembled "KAMAZ" trucks at the UzAutoTrailer plant consists of 11 types of vehicles with a carrying capacity from 10 to 36 tons. In 2018, partners plan to bring to the market about 1500 units of vehicles, including vehicles with gas-cylinder equipment. The planned production capacity of the plant is 2000 units of vehicles per year with the possibility of increasing up to 5000 units. The sales of final joint product will be on the domestic market of Uzbekistan and in the export markets through the distributor's dealer and its dealer network created by the parties.

KAMAZ CEO Sergey Kogogin noted that expanding of the cooperation of KAMAZ and Uzavtosanoat gives a good opportunity to enter the markets of third countries with a competitive product.