OREANDA-NEWS. KAMAZ in January-September of 2017 reduced exports of vehicles by 8.2% - to 3.05 thousand units, according to the company's quarterly report. In particular, exports to the CIS countries grew 1.5 times to 2,000 cars and assembly sets of parts (SKD), to countries outside CIS - decreased by 47.3% - to 1 thousand units, writes the agency "Finmarket ". The share of the CIS countries for the first nine months of 2017 was 65.8% of the total export of KAMAZ vehicles (40.4% in January-September of 2016), and 34.2% (59.6%) of the far-abroad countries.

In the third quarter, exports of cars and SKD fell by 18.6% against July-September of last year - up to 938 units. Deliveries to the CIS countries increased 1.5 times to 726 units, to non-CIS countries - decreased by 68.5% - to 212 units. CIS countries had 77.4% of exports (a year before - 41.7%), non-CIS countries - 22.6% (58.3%).

The main export market of KAMAZ was again Kazakhstan, where for the first nine months 1,400 units of vehicles were delivered, which is almost three times more than the same period of the last year (488 units). The main export market in the far abroad was Cuba - 825 cars were delivered within the framework of a major contract concluded in 2016.

In the Russian market, during the reporting period, sales increased by 20% to 21.9 thousand cars, including in the third quarter - by 22% - to 8.9 thousand. In general, the sales of vehicles for the first nine months grew by 15.6% - up to 24.9 thousand units, in the third quarter - by 16.4% - to 9.8 thousand units.