OREANDA-NEWS. KAMAZ (part of Rostec State Corporation) resumed programs "Scrappage" and "Trade-In", and KAMAZ-LEASING resumed programs "Recycling + Leasing" and "Trade-In + Leasing".

As part of the program, buyers get discounts for purchased vehicles: in the amount of RUB 600 thousand - by scrappage of old vehicles and purchase of new KAMAZ trucks instead of them, or RUB 350 thousand - by purchase of trucks or special machinery of the older generation.

According to the "Trade-In" program providing for replacement of old vehicles with new vehicles, you can get a discount of RUB 550 thousand by purchase of a KAMAZ vehicle of the new lineup and RUB 300 thousand by purchase of a KAMAZ truck of the previous generation.

"Scrappage + Leasing" and "Trade-In + Leasing" offers give an opportunity to combine two discounted prices according to two state programs. By scrappage of old vehicles or trade-in, a client receives, in addition to the above discounts, an additional price cut of 10% of the vehicle cost under the program "Favourable Leasing". Thus, the client gets a double benefit by leasing KAMAZ vehicles.