OREANDA-NEWS. Leasing Company KAMAZ renewed a range of leasing products. Advantages and terms of new programs are selected specially for each business segment – small, medium and large.

Financial terms have been greatly improved year over year, keeping the same advantages in demand in 2017. Thus, the Leasing for the Energetic program for small businesses offers a minus appreciation – from -5% at a minimum lease period and a large advance payment (it is cheaper to lease KAMAZ vehicles from the manufacturer than to buy them). With new terms of a period length and an advance sum, the rate is still much more attractive than that offered by rivals. On top of all of that, small businesses use simplified requirements to creditworthiness, offer a reduced package of documents, and on the 1st of March a quick audit one day long was introduced.

The Leasing for the Ambitious offer for medium businesses also gives an opportunity to lease KAMAZ vehicles with a minus rate – from -5%. The lease term is up to four years (for vehicles of the new lineup and buses – up to five years), an advance payment is from 10% with a state subsidy. The payment schedule can be evenly distributed, decreasing and dependent on a season. With a lease contract sum not exceeding 15 million rubles, companies can take advantage of a new offer – quick auditing.

An appreciation rate for large companies under the Leasing for the Confident program is even lower – from -6% at a minimum advance payment and the shortest term. But, like under other programs, with changes in a lease period and an advance payment, attractive terms leave behind those offered by competitors. Thus, corporate lessees can avail of comprehensive financing: the list of leasing items can include vehicles by other brands if KAMAZ vehicles are the main item in the contract. One of advantages is account of seasonality by payment scheduling.

The fourth product from the lineup is Rental which was restarted after a one-year break. The product is meant for those interested in purchasing KAMAZ vehicles withdrawn from leasing.

Besides, on 1 January KAMAZ-LEASING brought to market a new product for official dealers of KAMAZ PTC – Leasing of Equipment for Service Centers to extend potential of the commodity distribution and service network of the auto giant for vehicle repair.