OREANDA-NEWS. The leasing Company "Karkade" together with Mitsubishi Motors have developed special conditions for leasing of the all-wheel drive pick-up Mitsubishi L200. Within the framework of the joint offer, you can buy a model Mitsubishi L200 on a financial lease with a rise in price of 0%.

According to the press service of "Karkade", the total amount of leasing payments in this case will be equal to the cost of the car in the showroom. Together with tax benefits - the benefits of VAT refund and savings on income tax - the total investment of the customer in the purchase of the Mitsubishi L200 can be less than the model price by 32%.

The leasing deal with Karkade with the acquisition of Mitsubishi L200 is carried out in a simplified procedure - when providing copies of only 2 documents - passports and taxpayer identification number, the car keys can be transferred to the lessee within 2 days.