OREANDA-NEWS. September 27, 2016. Ashland Performance Materials, a business unit of Ashland Inc. (NYSE: ASH), has launched Derakane 411-350WSR resins, bringing a legacy of proven corrosion performance to the potable water market.

After 50 years, Ashland is still solving for industry and customer challenges. D411-350WSR resins are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), one of the world's leading authorities on drinking water safety. They deliver the proven performance of Derakane 411 technology, along with Ashland's unmatched application knowledge and case history portfolio to the potable water space with certification.

Fabricators have the added benefit of using this resin to construct tanks and piping for use in potable water applications as needed, as well as for any other service for which D411 would otherwise be the material of choice, ultimately allowing them to consolidate their raw material inventories and increasing profitability.

"D411-350WSR resins carry a versatile registration, allowing fabricators unparalleled flexibility in processing," said

Bruce Colley, Derakane global product manager.

He said this flexibility allows for wide application of a single NSF approved product in piping and storage vessel applications which, subject to application confirmation by our industry leading corrosion tech service team, may be used in applications from desalination to waste water to bleach to any of the other corrosive applications where they would normally use Derakane 411 series resins.

"We are thrilled to offer this unique product to the design engineering community and our corrosion fabricator customers," said Colley. "At Ashland, we are always looking for ways to provide value to our customers."

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