OREANDA-NEWS. April 17, 2018. PwC today announced an expansion of its collaboration with Microsoft to include a cybersecurity focus. The evolution pairs PwC’s advisory experience in advancing strategic business objectives with Microsoft’s proven technologies and applications. The offerings will focus on: Enterprise Security Architecture (ESA), Identity and Access Management (IAM), Information Protection, Cloud Application Security (CAS), and Threat and Vulnerability Management.

“As organisations pivot toward a digital business model, they face increased exposure to digital risks, data breaches, and other cybersecurity issues," said Prakash Venkata, Principal, PwC’s Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice. "Based on our experience helping global enterprises respond to cybersecurity and digital risk incidents, we’ve been able to build a robust stack of offerings. This alliance allows us to provide innovative end-to-end solutions to address cybersecurity challenges for our clients to help protect their data and their customers."

Mandana Javaheri, Global Director, Enterprise Cybersecurity Group at Microsoft Corp., added, “As security threats continue to evolve, in sophistication and scope, our clients are looking to share the responsibilities and business risks with trusted partners. We have been working with PwC’s Cybersecurity and Privacy teams to help clients use our technologies, keep company assets secure and mitigate risks. Our new initiative formally dedicates effort and focus to Microsoft-enabled cybersecurity offerings and allows us to further support clients in navigating the risk and regulatory complexity of today’s cybersecurity challenges.”

The collaboration includes an effort to develop solutions aimed at reducing cybersecurity and digital risks as well as business disruptions. For example, PwC will integrate its Secure Terrain™ platform with the Microsoft Graph Security API. The platform is an extensible, easy-to-use security tool that helps transform how teams defend against cyber threats and better protect end customers. Secure TerrainTM helps uncover hidden threat-related connections and relationships to help reveal the potential scope and impact of threats.
The cybersecurity suite, available to clients today, extends PwC’s current relationship with Microsoft in which the two organisations offer secure and seamless platforms across the business ecosystem and provide business leaders with the ability to strategically create the dynamic enterprise.