OREANDA-NEWS. September 19, 2016. In todays fast moving world, achieving diversity and inclusion is a critical challenge and opportunity for all organisations around the world. To make progress, diversity must be embedded into the organisations DNA and leadership must be committed to and accountable for diversity.

These are just two of the 10 lessons put forward in a new PwC report launched today that looks at how we approach diversity and inclusion and the progress weve made.

Titled The PwC diversity journey: Creating impact, achieving results, the report covers our key milestones such as the introduction of our Global Inclusion Index to drive enhanced leadership accountability.

Bob Moritz, Chairman of PwC International, says: Embracing diversity and inclusion makes business sense and more importantly is the right thing to do.  By sharing experiences and ideas we can all learn from each other and drive the change we need.

PwC Global Human Capital Leader Agn?s Hussherr adds: Were very excited to share the detailed story of our global diversity journey for the first time.  We still have a long way to go but the report includes progress such as the recent appointment of our most gender diverse Global Leadership Team (44% female) and a six percentage point increase in our Global Inclusion Index results.

The ten valuable lessons highlighted in the report are:

  1. Tailor the business case, then make it resonate
  2. Recognise there is no quick fix
  3. No leadership commitment, no accountability, no progress
  4. Use data analytics in planning the programme  
  5. and use data analytics in executing the programme
  6. One size does not fit all cultures
  7. Embed D&I within organisational DNA
  8. A focus on inclusion from day 1
  9. Recognise performance over presence
  10. Engage the masses

Ramping up support for HeForShe

PwC has joined forces with the United Nations to develop a new Building Gender IQ eLearn module that seeks to educate people around the world on the importance and benefits of gender diversity in the workplace and beyond. Available soon, the module will be accessible and free to anyone in the world.

As a HeForShe Impact 10x10x10 Corporate Champion, Bob Moritz, Chairman of PwC International, will join world leaders, change-makers, activists and celebrities at a United Nations event in New York on Tuesday 20 September to mark the second anniversary of the HeForShe movement.

Bob Moritz will be a keynote speaker along with His Excellency Sauli Niinist?, President of Finland, and Emma Watson, actor and UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador. The event will be livestreamed at 19:00 New York time at: www.HeForShe.org/TurnsTwo.

Says Bob Moritz, Chairman of PwC International: For PwC, HeForShe is about realising everyones full potential. We are very proud to release the Building Gender IQ learning module to raise awareness and encourage action to create an equal world for men and women.

Global Diversity Week

Today marks the start of PwCs third annual Global Diversity Week (GDW), a series of events and activities aimed at making sure everyone at PwC understands the business case for diversity and what he or she can personally do to become even more inclusive.  Learn more here: http://pwc.blogs.com/gender_agenda.

Notes to editors

  1. Find out how we are supporting HeForShe at http://heforshe.pwc.com
  2. Learn more about the PwC diversity journey and download The PwC diversity journey: Creating impact, achieving results publication at: www.pwc.com/diversityjourney  
  3. As part of our commitment to diversity, PwC regularly publishes research including The female millennial: A new era of talent and Moving women with purpose: Creating gender inclusive mobility.
  4. More thoughts on diversity can be found on PwCs Gender Agenda blog at: http://pwc.blogs.com/gender_agenda.