OREANDA-NEWS. Experts of the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" identified the cities of the Russian Federation, whose residents in January-February of 2018 were more likely to buy cars with mileage. Note that this rating does not include Moscow and St. Petersburg, which occupy a leading position among the Russian regions (39.1 and 25.2 thousand units, respectively).

The leader among other cities is Novosibirsk. Despite the fact that the increase was negative (-14%), nevertheless, for two months of this year, 7770 used cars were bought in Novosibirsk. On the second place there is Yekaterinburg with an indicator of 6480 units, and the top three of leaders is closed by Krasnodar, in which during the reporting period 6270 cars were resold.

The top-five also included Omsk with a result of 5670 units and Nizhny Novgorod, where it was sold 5320 used cars. In addition, the top-10 of Russian cities by sales of used cars in January - February 2018 also included: Krasnoyarsk (5140 units), Kazan (5050 units), Chelyabinsk (4880 units), Samara (4870 units) and Ufa (4740 units).

As experts of the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" noted, sales of used cars for the reporting period grew most strongly in Yekaterinburg (+ 18%) and Chelyabinsk (+ 14%). But their sales, except Novosibirsk, fell in Krasnoyarsk (-7%), Omsk (-4%) and Kazan (-1%). Thus, the secondary market in the Urals is growing, but in Siberia it is falling.