OREANDA-NEWS. September 20, 2016. The GBC Ultima 65, which is known as "THE School Laminator," is now better than ever. It is easy to load, easy to use and easy to love.

The new and improved GBC Ultima 65 is packed with features found on no other laminator in the educational environment. With its EZload film technology, film loading is virtually foolproof, making it 50% faster to load. Film rolls are easy to install correctly the first time, greatly reducing the chance of film wraps. In addition to using EZload film rolls recommended for the GBC Ultima 65, the unit can also run standard film. 

The AutoSpeed feature on the GBC Ultima 65 ensures users get perfect quality lamination and eliminates the guess work of which speed to choose.  The unit's newly engineered and updated features ultimately provide a more positive experience from start to finish. 

For more than two decades, the GBC Ultima 65 has been a market leader in the 27"-wide laminator market.  It is considered the "go-to" model serving learning environments and its size and affordability also make it a good fit for educational settings.  The GBC Ultima 65 is the perfect laminating solution for everything from bulletin board fliers and posters to bus tags and teaching aids. 

"We're excited about the updated GBC Ultima 65 laminator, which was designed to meet the demands of frequent laminating by multiple users in institutional settings, especially K-12 schools for classroom materials," said

Stuart Nelson, Future Category Marketing Manager.  "We have simplified the laminating process while maintaining a high quality output." 

The GBC Ultima 65 model offers these benefits and enhancements:

50 Percent Faster Film Loading

  • Pivoting table and open design provide easier access when changing film.
  • New EZload film rolls are easier to install and take the guesswork out of how to put the film in.
  • With standard film, AutoGrip shafts make it simpler to remove and add film.

Foolproof Machine Operation

  • The AutoSpeed feature ensures quality lamination and eliminates the guess work of which speed to use.
  • A stop button on the back of the laminator allows the user to view the output and easily stop the machine, thus reducing waste.
  • A one-touch control panel with large buttons gives the user perfect control of the machine.
  • Removable shaft hooks on the back of the unit reduce the chances of common film wraps and provide storage for AutoGrip shafts.

The improved GBC Ultima 65 machine is a popular choice for laminating charts, flash cards, games, work sheets, maps and many other materials used in classrooms.  "Librarians, school administrators, teachers, technology support staffs and PTO volunteers will like its high dependability record and low rate of heat sealing and jam issues," commented

Dan Charwath, Associate Product Manager. 

GBC laminators are available for purchase on www.gbc.com and through educational distribution and online e-tail partners. 

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