OREANDA-NEWS. The new KAMAZ vehicles were presented and offered for test driving at St. Petersburg Arena Stadium, in the northern capital of Russia.  

During the business meeting, two KAMAZ-5490 NEO long-haul truck tractors (conventional and gas-diesel versions), a heavy KAMAZ-65801 dump truck and a gas-diesel KAMAZ-4308 were presented. KAMAZ (part of Rostec State Corporation) together with the company's official dealer TC VOSTOK gave potential customers and journalists an opportunity to drive new models of trucks and consult experts.

The test drive once again proved a great interest in the KAMAZ-5490 NEO long-haul tractor. The upgraded version of KAMAZ-5490, the flagship of the new lineup, which the company brought to the market less than six months ago is in high demand today. The operation of this tractor with a gas-diesel engine enables to save two rubles for each kilometer traveled. So, 100 thousand km of travel save 200 thousand rubles.

The 8x4 KAMAZ-65801 dump truck equipped with a comfortable cabin on a four-point spring suspension, 9-tonne front axles and 16-tonne drive axles was also in the spotlight. Original components used in the construction of the truck, such as a reinforced frame and suspension, modernized braking and steering systems, have increased the truck's load capacity up to 33 tonnes. The truck is equipped with a 12-liter Cummins engine of Series ISG12 generating 450 hp. In addition, one of its advantages is a heated 20 cbm platform made of high-strength and wear-resistant steel.

One more exhibit is a gas-diesel KAMAZ-4308 van the key feature of which is a feed system. The truck is biofuel, that is, it runs on a mixture of methane and diesel fuel. The ratio of diesel to methane is 55% to 45%, which makes operating costs much lower. There is also an option of diesel fuel operation. The truck is equipped with a Cummins engine generating 242 hp. The insulated van accommodates up to 35 cubic meters of cargo. A 210 litre fuel tank and two gas cylinders 80 liters each provide a long fuel distance.