OREANDA-NEWS Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles for the ten months of 2017 increased LCV sales to corporate customers by 22%. The most popular models were the T6 family: Transporter, Caravelle and Multivan, which were sold in amount of 1879 units (+ 14%) during the reporting period, reported Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

As noted, the popularity of these models is explained by a high degree of individualization: the client can choose the optimal basic set and supplement it with a wide range of options, creating a car that suits the needs of the business. Special attention should be paid to the Caddy models, which for the period from January to October of 2017 sold more than in the whole last year: 778 and 632 cars, respectively.

The sales growth of this model to corporate clients for the reporting period was 69%. The supply of Crafter cars of the new generation is increasing: from the beginning of the year the sales growth of the model was 13%, and by the end of the year the brand plans to transfer to customers about 200 units.

As previously reported "AUTOSTAT", just for ten months of 2017, Russian dealers of Volkswagen sold 5495 light commercial vehicles, which is 15% more than the last year.