OREANDA-NEWS. The press service of X5 Retail Group officially announced that, on the basis of the Perekrestok chain of stores, a pilot project was launched to introduce garbage collection using the Internet of things technologies.

 Micron's wireless optical device allows you to remotely monitor the level of waste in the tanks and optimize the logistics of garbage collection.  Special containers will be equipped with garbage containers in 50 supermarkets of one of the retail chains, the report said.

 “We are constantly looking for innovative solutions that increase the operational efficiency of the business.  Interaction with a Russian electronics manufacturer is especially important and valuable for us, as it allows us to switch to the Russian component base and software, which in the future will reduce dependence on supplies from abroad and provide timely and high-quality after-sales service of the system, ”said the head of innovation  X5 Retail Group Denis Levchenko.