OREANDA-NEWS. April 18, 2016. This center will start verification trials aimed at saving resources and creating energy, adhering to energy circulation, and as "the center for verification of eco-business technologies".

The target is to create new eco-businesses e.g. technology to tap-off energy from untapped natural resources, such as waste plastic and timber from forest thinning, or power-generating technology using a small water supply. Beyond this, it will promote its approach to saving energy through advanced technology with experiments that include operating automated guided vehicles using a new style secondary cell, which allows rapid charge and discharge, or researching plant cultivation technology.

Positive people-to-people exchanges will be held on the basis of the 'open innovation concept' of collaboration between industry, academia and government. Trials on individual themes have already started by fostering collaboration between numbers of diverse parties. From now, with the opening of this center, each theme will progress to the verification trial stage. The company has participated in the "Gotemba eco-city plan" regional regeneration project and the "Model forest venture" to preserve afforested areas of Gotemba. Trials of eco-business development with other local areas have also started.

To commercialize, we must first organize the development and utilization system of eco-business technology in this center. Next, the center must contribute to activating the regional economy and circulating local resources through verification experiments involving the region. Further, we aim to deploy new eco-business in and outside the country, using eco-business technology and the systems acquired through these experiments.