OREANDA-NEWS. April 18, 2016. HP today announced the outcomes of a series of worldwide legal actions in its ongoing fight to combat the sale of infringing inkjet cartridges.

In China, HP has reached a court mediated settlement agreement with Speed Infotech of Shanghai 1. This relates to litigation filed by HP in early 2015 in the newly formed Shanghai IP Court regarding the distribution and sale of inkjet printhead cartridges manufactured by Microjet of Taiwan compatible with the HP 816, HP 817, HP 860, HP 861XL, HP 818KXL (black) and HP 818XL(color) ink supplies. Speed Infotech agreed that the HP patents are valid and enforceable, that these and other products are covered by these patents and that the company would cease from offering or selling any products covered by those patents in China and other countries where those patents are registered. In addition, Speed Infotech has withdrawn the products from the market. In addition, HP received compensation from Speed Infotech. A second patent infringement case filed by HP against Jingying Technology in the Shenzhen Intermediate Court is ongoing 2.

In Spain, the Commercial Court N? 5 in Barcelona has returned a verdict of patent infringement of two HP patents by eleven different entities - primarily Tintas y Toner Shop Ink, S.L.U. which previously traded as, Ink Prime High Quality S.L.U., and Vasco Inform?tica, S.L., both of Malaga. The court found that the products sold by the defendants infringe the HP patents. It also found that Tintas y Toner Shop Ink, S.L.U. had been fraudulently set up to elude and “launder” Ink Prime High Quality S.L.U.’s liability. The products involved are newly manufactured inkjet printhead cartridges compatible with various HP print cartridges, including the HP 21, HP 22, HP 56 and HP 57 ink supplies manufactured by Microjet of Taiwan. The court has ordered all of the parties to cease sale of the infringing products and has awarded damages to HP in the amount of €120,000.

In Poland, the court in Wroclaw has returned a judgement of patent infringement against Bielany Wroc?awskie-based Black Point S.A. regarding the sale of infringing inkjet print cartridges. As a result of finding the products infringed HP patents, the court has ordered Black Point S.A. to pay HP an amount of 60,524 PLN together with interest representing the profits obtained from sale of infringing products. The judgment is not final.

“HP invests billions of dollars in developing innovative products for our customers and that innovation is a key differentiator for HP products,” said Matt Barkley, worldwide IP and brand protection program manager, HP. “We remain committed to protecting HP’s valuable intellectual property worldwide.”