OREANDA-NEWS. Nikon Corporation (Kazuo Ushida, President, Minato-ku, Tokyo) is pleased to announce the release of the MAR-MC52A, a hollow-shaft, multi-turn absolute encoder* with a 14.5 mm height designed for AC servomotor applications. It is ideal for industrial-use articulated robots, service robots and other robots that demand high resolution and high precision and also benefit from reduced installation space requirements. Outstanding 24-bit resolution enables high-precision control, and this new model comes in both ?15 mm and ?24 mm inner diameter sizes.

The encoder will be displayed at the upcoming TECHNO-FRONTIER 2016 (34th MOTORTECH JAPAN) at Makuhari Messe (Chiba City) from April 20 to 22.

  • *A multi-turn absolute encoder is an encoder that is capable of detecting the absolute position of the current rotation position as well as the angle within each rotation. Origin return is not required at system startup and the accurate absolute position information for the encoder is readily available.

Product overview

Name MAR-MC52A hollow-shaft multi-turn absolute encoder
Price Open price
Available from April 20, 2016

Key features

  1. 14.5 mm height thanks to even thinner design

    Compared with the former MAR-MC42A model, the MAR-MC52A boasts a 5.7 mm thinner design achieved through proprietary Nikon optical design technologies.

  2. Two hollow-shaft types

    As with previous models, this model comes in two inner diameter sizes: ?15 mm and ?24 mm.

  3. Outstanding 24-bit resolution for each turn

    Each turn features a maximum resolution of 24 bits (224: 16,777,216 positions/rev.). This enables precise positioning and contributes greatly toward more stable speed control.

  4. Comes with A-format®* bidirectional full-serial communication

    Comes equipped with A-format® bidirectional full-serial communication for two-way communication between the controller and encoder, enabling wiring to be reduced to four signal wires. Furthermore, the communication format is the same as that for previous models, thus increasing the range of motors available to customers.

    • *A-format® is a registered trademark of the Nikon Corporation.
  5. Guaranteed operation at temperatures of up to 95°C

    Designed for use in even more severe operating conditions than previous models (up to 85°C with electric double-layer capacitor).

  6. Maximum transmission speed of 16 Mbps (Optional)

    The MAR-MC52A boasts transmission speeds of up to 16 Mbps, a significant improvement over the 4 Mbps maximum baud rate of the previous MAR-MC42A model.